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SPRINT internships offer a wide variety of opportunities in both emerging and established companies across the life-science industry in Connecticut. Internships available will span across scientific, commercial, finance, and administrative functions and all applicants will be eligible to participate in skill workshops. 

2023 SPRINT Internship Program

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We are currently coordinating the Summer 2023 SPRINT internship opportunities.

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Previous Internship Postings

AI Therapeutics – Post Baccalaureate Researcher

Alexion Pharmaceuticals – Global Compliance Operations Intern

Alexion Pharmaceuticals – Global Tax Intern

Alexion Pharmaceuticals – Global Finance Business Services Intern

Alexion Pharmaceuticals – Research Intern

Artizan Biosciences – Research Intern

Arvinas – Artificial Intelligence Intern

Arvinas – Biology Intern

Arvinas – Communications & Investor Relations Intern

Arvinas – Commercial Development MBA Intern

Arvinas – Environmental Health & Safety Intern

Arvinas – In-vivo Intern

Arvinas – In vivo Neuroscience Intern

Arvinas – In vitro Neurobiology Intern

Arvinas – Legal Summer Intern

Arvinas – Neuroscience Intern

Arvinas – Protein Science Intern

Arvinas – Project Management Intern

Arvinas – Organic Chemistry Intern

Arvinas – Research Intern

Azitra Inc. – Business Strategy Intern

Biorez – R&D Intern

Boehringer Ingelheim – All Functions

Cybrexa Therapeutics – Biology Intern

Halda Therapeutics – Biology Intern

The Jackson Laboratory – IT Service Management Support Intern

Pfizer – All Functions

Rallybio – Accounting & Finance Intern

Rallybio – Business Development Intern

Rallybio – Corporate & Commercial Strategy Intern

Rallybio – External Process Development, Manufacturing & Quality Intern

Rallybio – Human Resources Intern

ReNetX Bio – Scientific Marketing Intern

SpringWorks – CMC Product Development Intern

SpringWorks – Clinical Development Intern

SpringWorks Therapeutics – Accounting & Finance Intern

SpringWorks – Global Pharmacovigilance Intern

SpringWorks – Medical Operations and Excellence Intern

The Jackson Laboratory – Cybersecurity Awareness Marketing Student Intern

The Jackson Laboratory – Data Security Analyst Student Intern

Trevi Therapeutics – Finance Intern

Trevi Therapeutics – Marketing Intern

Wellinks – Marketing Intern

Wellinks – Software Engineer Intern

Wellinks – User Research Intern